Chakra Sacred Geometry Stud Earrings

Chakra Sacred Geometry Stud Earrings


Chakra Stud Earrings

Add a burst of colour to your look with these beautifully intricate sacred geometry inspired Chakra stud earrings. Laser cut from multiple coloured and mirrored laser cut acrylic parts and fitted together to make the perfect gift for your Yogi friend.

Choose from the 8 different Chakra designs below;

Muladhara; Root Chakra: Red

Svadhishthana; Lower Abdominal: Orange

Manipura; Naval/Solar: Yellow

Anahata; Heart: Green

Vishuddha; Throat: Blue

Anja; Third eye: Purple

Sahasrara; Crown: Lilac

*Also available as a brooch - see our 'Chakra Sacred Geometry Brooch' listing.

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