Personalised Hen Party Kits

Personalised Hen Party Kits

from 30.00

Our Hen Party kits not only give you all the pieces you need to create your own customised name necklace, but also include detailed instructions and the option to hire/buy tools for the event*.

We offer a fully customisable selection of letters and charms that come individually bagged with the rest of the necklace parts. We can make a variety of colours and you can pick a font from a selection for the range. We also make custom charms to your chosen theme eg: retro, sailor, tattoo, GOT, etc.. We work very closely with our hens to make sure everything is exactly as required. And don’t worry with previous examples ranging from childhood nicknames to more outrageous, tongue in cheek puns, we’ve seen (and can make) it all! 


Prices per hen:

5 - 9 hens: £25 each

10 - 14 hens: £20 each

15 - 25 hens: £15 each


*£5 per hen for tool hire is included in the total price, refundable on return.  

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